Online System Vision

Online system “Vision” serves to connect all slot machines in one common system that allows full control of the whole process of the game in the Slot club as well as the ability to monitor several Slot clubs simultaneously in real time.

Key benefits¬† of Online system “Vision” are:

  • The entire solution for Slot club management (bookkeeping)
  • Monitoring slots condition in real time
  • Self-report methods (according to customer)
  • Players personalization in the cashless system
  • Bonus system with RFID cards
  • Mystery jackpot with multiple levels
  • TITO system
  • The flexibility and ease control settings

The system “Vision” consists of the following components

  • SAS board (Vision device) for each slot that supports the SAS protocol
  • SAS emulator for vending without SAS protocol
  • RFID reader for each machine plus one for cash
  • Automat club server – one for each slot machine club
  • Automat club video server – one in each slot machine club
  • Monitor the jackpot
  • Ethernet
  • Ethernet switch
  • LAN cable

This is the minimum configuration for the system “Vision” for non-cash functions and global jackpot. The system “Vision” also allows you to use the ticket printer in System TITO (ticket in-ticket out). In that option requires a bar code reader, for each Automat club at a time.

The system “Vision” is the ideal way to have full control and insight into the long-term and current performance of your Automat clubs from anywhere in the world.

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